writing an apology letter


Sample Apology Letter (Business)

5868 Maple Wood Street
Fairfield, PA 37626

November 29, 2004

Mr. Joseph Bicman
358 Noncook Road
John’s Town, PA 57323

Dear Mr. Bicman:

I apologize for the mix-up of order #: 26429782. We
have just implemented a new packaging system that still has a few bugs
to be worked out, but we did fix your order and sent it out this
morning. For your trouble, we have enclosed a $25 gift certificate
which can be used at any of our stores. Once again I would like to
apologize for the mix-up in your order and any inconveniences this may
have caused you.



Scott Mahoney
Customer Service Manager

Sample Apology Letter (Personal)

68 Pine Zaggat Lane
Hampervile, NE 25385
January 5, 2005

Dear Jolene,

am sorry about forgetting about our lunch date. It was completely my
fault; I was so busy at work that it must have slipped my mind. How
about I treat you to lunch next Wednesday, at the new Italian
restaurant Julie’s at 12:30PM? I have marked this date in my planner so
I will not forget about it. I’d just like to apologize again for
missing the lunch date.

Your Friend,


About Eva Luptáková

učiteľka v strednej odbornej škole s aprobáciou slovenský jazyk a literatúra, anglický jazyk, občianska náuka; regionálna konzultantka programu eTwinning pre Národnú podpornú službu elektronickej spolupráce škôl na Slovensku pri Žilinskej Univerzite v Žiline
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